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 Watch video Ayamonte es de cine

The city of Ayamonte is located at the southwest of Andalusia, known as the Gate of Spain. Its population is 18.000 and the principal activities are commerce, tourism and fishing. Ayamonte have also improved its commercial activities with Portugal, that is only 5 Km. Throughout the International Bridge over the Guadiana River or 10 minutes in ferry is a trip where you can admire the beauty of Ayamonte and Portugal.
Our Beaches, of Isla Canela and Punta del Moral are one of the most important ecological reserves, have golden sand and clear water with an exceptional microclimate with more than 3.000 hours of sun a year.

Halfway to the beach it's the Golf Course which have a Club House, Bar, Restaurant, swimming pool and terrace from where you can see relaxing landscapes. Is a 18 holes Golf Course in between olive, orange, palm and eucalyptus trees.

It is worthy of emphasize its Easter (Semana Santa). From the School of Martínez Montañés we can see, el Cristo de la Buena Muerte, the image of Padre Jesús Nazareno , the Virgen del Socorro , the head of the Cristo Yacente . Ayamonte's Carnival with a longtime tradition is also very important, but the most important feast for which Ayamonte is decked is the "Feria de las Angustias"  at early September.

To visit we should remark the ¨Templo de San Francisco¨, built on 1521 and declared landmark on 1935, with an altarpiece dated on XVI Century.
The ¨Casa Grande¨ (The big House) known for being the biggest house of Ayamonte in the past. It's stone facade have a great beauty.  At the present is the Headquarters of the Board of Culture.

The Marina, located in the Guadiana River, it's integrated with harmony with the city center. At the House Museum of the Hermandad de la Soledad, you can admire an artistic-religious patrimony that it's been growing up throughout the years.
Also the Parish Church of Las Angustias, the Palace of the Marquis of Ayamonte, the City Hall and the narrow and warm streets host the history of this city and get the visitors curiosity.


 Watch video Algarve

Algarve (Portugal) is 20 km., from the hotel, where you can get lost visiting its beautiful coastal and mountain range towns. Or to enjoy of a funny shopping day at some of its towns like Villa Real de Santo Antonio or Faro.

Isla Cristina

 Watch video Isla Crsitina es de cine 1 :: Isla Cristina es de cine 2 :: Isla Cristina es de cine 3

Isla Cristina is to 14 km., from the hotel, it is a traditionally seafaring town where we can enjoy with the fish auction at the port when boats arrive and of course its factories and industrial preserved and canning salt. We can also enjoy the popular feast in honor of Virgen del Carmen but overall, you cannot missed the carnivals which are living with great intensity.

Rio Tinto

 Watch video Rio Tinto

Getting into the mountain range, we find the Rio Tinto mines that was the biggest mine of the world during the last quarter of XIX century. Places like Cerro Colorado is the biggest open air mine of the world, still being exploited after 5.000 years. You can also see la Corta Atalaya, a cut with a downfall of 335 meters. There is a very interesting museum featuring mining tools used by Romans and Arabs showing what the mine was in the past. A tourist train is available to go throughout the area.


Watch video Sierra de Huelva :: Aracena

Aracena, topped by the Cerro Del Castillo where the Iglesia Prioral del Castillo and the ruins of an old fortress are lying. Under this mountain lies the famous Gruta de las Maravillas, a natural cave with stalagtites and stalagmites that you can see in the one hour guided tour. You can also visit the Natural Park of Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche where you can find very pretty towns like Aroche, Galaroza, Cortesana, Almonaster La Real o Jabugo, very famous town because of its Spanish Jam production.

Ruta Colombina

Watch video Ruta Colombina 1 :: Ruta Colombina 2

Ruta Colombina, at about 60 km., from the hotel, places where the Discovery of America was forged: Monasterio de la Rabida (meditation and preparation discovery trip place). Botanic Park José Celestino Mutis where you can see a collection of American trees. House Museum of Zenovia and Juán Ramón Jiménez, writer from Moguer.
Parque de las Carabelas, dock from where Columbus left for the Discovery Trip and where you can see real size replicas of the three Carabelas, (Pinta, Niña y Santa María), in wich was performed the historical epic.

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